Our reputation and our ability to serve our customers depends on the partners we choose. We choose our partners carefully.
Open source doesn't always mean free and free is not always good. We choose our open source software partners based on their record of reliability and quality.
Choosing partners is a large part of our business and something that we have to revisit often. In an environment where change happens frequently, following those changes and making the best choices for our business and yours is a priority. Fortunately for us (and you) the partners that we have chosen have proven themselves over time. Their quality and reliability are rarely questioned. However, the landscape of technology can change quickly so we keep our eyes and ears open by supporting an internal research and test process always looking for the best option.

Partners must meet our strict standards of reliability and quality
We monitor our partners and the technical landscape on an on-going basis
To give our customers the best solution at the best price and work until they are satisfied.
Low Cost
Community Support
Well tested
It takes a community
Open source software is developed, maintained and supported by a community of developers. Many large corporations support open source development by donating money and their employees' time.

Why do we use partners?
Partners help us grow by allowing us to offer their products and services to our customers. The relationship between us and our customers is the most important part.
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